Greetings Loyal Supporters & Friends,

As another year is about to be concluded , we look back and reflect on the opportunities for the mission outreach projects that have come our way at Cleft of the Rock Ministries-Panama.

We are grateful for the recent opportunity to return to the Mount of Olives Missionary Church in Volcan to present some hand sewn blankets for some Ngobe mothers of newborns. They were delighted to be the recipients!


Making the presentation from the supply of blankets.

Our presentation concluded with a Bible Quiz. The quiz was administered to two teams of (3) persons each. The winning team was presented with an MP3 loaded with the New Testament in the Spanish Language. Since both teams were so competitive we also gave an MP3 to the losing team who only lost by one point.


SAN FELIX _A/G Temple of Adoration

We close the year with an appeal for the Children’s Feeding Program Shelter. We have committed to providing (8) picnic tables at $200.00 each. We also are trying to raise funds of $3,000.00 to finish a storage room for the food adjacent to the feeding area. Providing the funds become available, we will plan for the possible construction of the “Food Storage Room” in February or March. So if you are looking for a break from the winter weather and would like to be part of a construction team; please email or call us from the website information.

6 7 8

The first picture left to right is of Pastor Manuel and his son. The second picture is the area where (8) picnic tables will be placed. Directly behind on the upper portion of the feeding area is where the food storage room is to be constructed .

The third and fourth and bottom left pictures show recipients of the food. The bottom middle picture is taken at the lower side of the feeding area. The last picture is the “out door” kitchen under the thatched roof dwelling where the women cook

9 10 11

We continue to help with “Hurting World Ministries” at Cannes Verde. We supply some preschool materials for Anna

Ortega’s class of approximately 17-19 preschool children 4-6 yrs old.The children come at different times.She feeds the children a meal while they are there.The church that is being built has the sides up for the walls, the roof on, some windows cut out of the M2 material, and presently the septic tank is being completed. The photo’s below depict the outdoor school setting.

12 13 14

We are looking forward to a New Year with many more outreach opportunities! Some of these opportunities consist of a Bio-Sand water filtration for single family and perhaps multi-family use.

We have a large box of yarn coming down here which presents knitting opportunities. The “blanket’s” as well as the MP3′s and the Proclaimer’s will continue to be part of our outreach projects.

We personally are thankful for your support this year and as the Spirit of Christmas permeates us all, please let it fill your inner being and be refreshed as we enter the New Year of 2014!

Extending to you, a Blessed Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

Sam & Jane

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